Sadie and you can Leonid later on check out visit Amos and you may notices him and you can Zia package matches on the combat space

Sadie and you can Leonid later on check out visit Amos and you may notices him and you can Zia package matches on the combat space

Sadie try amazed during the just how grown up Zia appears and that if the Carter noticed the woman, his mouth perform shed. Zia try amazed as to the reasons a good Russian can there be however, Sadie says to the lady that he is a buddy. Amos casts a spell to allow them to all display without having any difficult, and you can Zia are disturb regarding Leonid’s reports and you will states one she should’ve murdered the latest rebels whenever she had the options. Zia was horrified when Amos says that he need to defeat new rebels through-other means, but Sadie cannot know very well what the guy mode yet ,. Zia and you can Sadie provides food, discuss more strategy, and you will Sadie says to their regarding the this lady and you can Carter’s plan on the Setne, shocking this lady, however, she agrees to the package. Immediately after Sadie foretells Isis, each goes to Sunny Acres Helped-Life style Community to see Tawaret and Bes. Zia tells Sadie from the the woman blackouts as well as how it become worse into the much more electricity she spends, and just how Ra is actually trapped within his human body. Zia says to Sadie regarding how Amos is actually planning make use of the electricity off Place, in order to Sadie’s nightmare. Zia and you can Sadie go to the beach near the River from flames and suits Tawaret. Zia visits prevent a good firefight between Flame-Embracer and you can Hot-foot and you will happens unscathed, with only a number of blisters.

Zia believes to consult with the brand new Netherworld with Sadie that will be reassured one Amos have a tendency to care for Ra

Carter and you may Walt give Sadie and you may Zia an experience to Osiris’s family on Egyptian King, and you will Zia are suspicious of Bloodstained Knife, the latest devil captain. Carter and Zia are uncomfortable doing both, having Zia resting far away out of your, worrying about her blackouts, and Carter seeking to never to stare. The five speak, and you can Zia says to Carter to follow along with their cardiovascular system, placing this lady hands on the his arm. Zia observe Julius Kane contain the demo to own Setne, that will be disgusted because of the him, inquiring why needed him to enable them to.

Zia keeps a crisis and you can attempts to burn on the nursing family, but Sadie stops her

Zia and you may Carter fit into Setne with the watercraft, and they leaned contrary to the rail, making use of their forearms pressing. Zia concerns for Ra, thinking exactly how they are, but she closes to hold back Setne towards the Seven Ribbons regarding Hathor. Zia threatens burning Setne’s look out of their face and you will interrogates your. Setne informs Zia one Ra is getting so you’re able to the lady lead, and you can informs her or him that they’re inside Memphis, Egypt. Zia spends the newest ribbons while the an excellent leash having Setne and you will takes your to your Wheelhouse. A huge hippo periods this new watercraft and you will Zia try skyrocketed towards water when you are attacking your. Zia and you may Carter check out coastline once Hapi try summoned, as they are offered Hapi pills. The 2 awaken in an entry canal regarding a beneficial tomb and you will Zia feels ill regarding tablets. They enter the tomb with Setne and you may says to Carter concerning the Apis Bull. Zia summons flame and you will burns a number of cobwebs, and you may informs Carter to watch Setne. Carter knows that Zia is using the latest secret regarding Khepri, however, Zia claims one she’s going to simply tell him after. Setne takes the publication, causing the Apis Bull to help you attack, and you may Zia and you can Carter explain to you the fresh new catacombs to leave. Zia covers Carter and you may says that she isn’t really leaving him, and you can symptoms the new bull while you are chanting a spell. This new bull shoots laserlight beams from the the lady and you will Zia was possessed from the Khepri, destroying the latest bull but burning up inside the a trance. Zia collapses and you can Carter offers the woman to the new watercraft, kissing the woman toward forehead and you may watching her inside her feverish condition.